Buddhism and Culture 2009 / 4  

 From the Editors

The Korea Buddhism Promotion Foundation

Established in August 1975, the Korea Buddhism Promotion Foundation is dedicated to the development of Korean
Buddhism and Buddhist culture. Since its establishment, the Foundation has provided support for a broad range of organizations and activities, including all official Buddhist sects in Korea; restoration of important temples; preservation of Buddhist cultural properties; the translation, publication and distribution of materials concerning Buddhism-related historical sites; the research and survey of Buddhist cultural traditions; and international exchange programs.
From the Editors
On Releasing the Inaugural Issue of Buddhism and Culture
Buddhist Teachings
The core teaching of Buddhism is dependent origination by Zen Master Jongbeom Sunim
Korean Aesthetics, Buddhist Aesthetics
Buddhist Encounter in the Cultural Scene
1)A Lively Encounter with Korean Classical Music by Daseureum,the Korean Classical Music Ensemble by Lee Yun-soo
Buddhist Encounter in the Cultural Scene
2)Independent Movie Old Partner and Director Lee Chung-ryul
Buddhist Art Encounter in Temples
Haeinsa Temple Stay
Buddhist Culture of Korea
Featured Personality
Korea¡¯s Representative Poet Ko Un
Embracing Modern Life with Clear Eyes
Global Buddshist Culture
How Movies Can Change Lives
The Wonhyo Trail Project
Ecology, Practice and Life of Interbeing
The Joy of Breathing in the Mud House
Temple in the Forest
Life in Harmony with Nature
Rediscovering Korean Temple Cuisine

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