Vivid Diamond Sutra - Lecture by Ven. Hyeongak  


American Seon master Hyeon-gak is giving a lecture on ˇ°Diamond Sutraˇ± in English through Btn, a cable TV channel, beginning Aug. 22, 2005 and lasting 12 weeks.
This is the first lecture at Seoul International Zen Center, Hwa Gye Sa July 3th, 2005.
ˇ°I once gave a lecture on Diamond Sutra eight years ago in a temple and I still study the sutra with the people who attended my lecture at that time. As they recommended that the lecture be given to the general public as well, I decided to give the lecture through television,ˇ± he said. ˇ°I consider Diamond Sutra to be a basic outline and a blueprint for Asian thoughts and ideology for 2000 years. Although the lecture is in English, the main target is Koreans.ˇ±

The lectures will be accompanied by Korean subtitles.

Spending his 10th year as a Buddhist monk in Korea, the priest is best known as the writer of ˇ°Manhaeng: from Harvard to Hwagye Temple.ˇ± After studying philosophy and religion at Harvard, he decided to become a Buddhist monk after meeting Korean Buddhist monk Seung Sahn.

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