Bodhi Meditation  

- by the Venerable Geumta Dae Hwa Sang(Master Cheonghwa's teacher) 
- translated into English at Sambo Temple in California, USA
MIND is like empty space, without a trace of cloud or a spot of shadow. Perceive the mind-realm like great, vast and infinite empty space. At the same time, recollect the pure Dharma body, Vairocana Buddha.

In this void-like mind-realm, perceive the ocean of essential Dharma nature like an overflowing ocean of infinitely pure clear water with radiant golden light surpassing that of sun and moon. At the same time, recollect the perfect and infinite body, Rocana Buddha.

All beings: internally, the formless beings of thoughts that arise and disappear; and externally, beings without conciousness such as the sun, moon, and stars, the mountains and rivers, and great earth and all of Nature; as well as beings with consciousness such as mankind and animals, crawling creatures and so on. Perceive all these beings as bubbles playing in the radiant golden waves without wind within the ocean of essential Dharma nature. At the same time, recollect the countless incarnation bodies, Sakyamuni Buddha.

Again, perceive collectively that the clear empty MIND realm, the pure ocean of essential Dharma and all beings like bubbles not different from one another these three realms are the oneness. At the same time, recollect the Trikaya (three bodies) - the pure Dharma body (Vairocana Buddha), the perfect and infinite body (Rocana Buddha) and the myriad incarnation bodies (Sakyamuni Buddha) - are the infinite oneness, Amita Buddha.

Contemplate and perceive that the transitory actions of all countless beings, all phenomena arising and disappearing internally and externally, are the innumerable manifestations of the MIND, the appearance of the great actions of Amita Buddha

* ۰ڦ ()


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Bodhi Meditation
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Bodhi Meditation

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