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Regulations of the Naejang Seon Hall  

 (1) The goals of the Seon Hall are amended to focus on ¡°Half Seon, Half Farming.¡±
(2)The doctrine of the Seon community will be based on the ideas of ¡°Self Seon, Self Practice¡± and "Self Labor, Self Subsistence." Everyone with the ability to work is included, even those who have extensive practice experience.
¨ç All food and clothing will be perfectly in accord with the regulations of the monastic community/grove (chongnim) (i.e. where the meditation hall resides.)
¨è The activities of the day will strictly follow a three part schedule: scripture study in the morning, labor in the afternoon, and seated meditation in the evening.
¨é During the winter retreat, seated meditation will take priority. During the summer retreat, scripture study and labor will take priority. Retreat certificates will only be granted after three years.
¨ê For our songs in praise of the Buddha, we will study beompae [Buddhist ritual music], elegant and in accordance with the times. In addition, Buddhist praise, self-praise, conversion and homecoming songs will be newly composed and sung in the traditional style.
¨ë Violations of the precepts, improper behavior and other bad customs are all strictly prohibited.

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  Hangmyoung Gyejong ( 1867 ~ 1929 )
     Regulations of the Naejang Seon Hall
  Mangong Wolmyeon ( 1871 ~ 1946 )
     Leader of the Fifteen Month Silence at Gakhwa Temple, Gou Sunim
  Hanam Jungwon ( 1876 ~ 1951 )
     Questions about Seon
  Myori Beophui ( 1887 ~ 1975 )
  Hyobong Hangnul ( 1888 ~ 1966 )

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