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Great Seon Masters of Korean History

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Renowned as a meditation center of study and virtue, Sudoksa has been the home to many Zen masters. Modern giants from the temple have included Zen Masters Gyeongheo and Mangong, and in 1984 the temple was promoted to status as a full monastic training center. The Main Buddha Hall at the temple is one of Korea¡¯s oldest existing structures (National Treasure No. 49, built in 1308 C.E.). The temple and its branch temples have contributed more than 600 Buddhist cultural treasures stretching all the way back to the Baekje Kingdom. Many are on display at the Rose of Sharon (Korea) Buddhist Cultural Properties Museum.
Founding Date : 384
Address : #20 Sacheon-ri, Deoksan-myeon, Yaesan-gun, South Chungcheong Province
Tel : 82-41-337-6565
URL : http://www.sudoksa.com

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     Questions about Seon
  Myori Beophui ( 1887 ~ 1975 )
  Hyobong Hangnul ( 1888 ~ 1966 )
     North and South Lay Foundations for Buddhist Temple
  Gyeongbong Jeongseok ( 1892 ~ 1982 )
     Jogye Order's 25 Temple Distirct Head Temples
  Jeongang Yeongsin ( 1898 ~ 1975 )
     When the strength of the root of the tongue is all used up¡¦
  Goam Sangeon ( 1899 ~ 1988 )

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