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Founding Date : 678
Address : #546 Cheongryong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan
Tel : 82-51-508-3122
URL : http://www.beomeosa.org
Beomeosa is one of the three major temples in southeastern Korea. It is home to a large number of National Treasures and cultural properties, including the Main Buddha Hall (National Treasure No. 434), a three-story stone pagoda (Treasure No. 250), stone banner poles, One Pillar Gate, and a stone lantern. From the time of Avatamsaka Master Uisang of Silla to that of Zen Master Dongsan of the early 20th century, the temple has been the training place of an impressive flow of outstanding monks. There are a number of meditation centers on the large compound, including Geumeo Meditation Center.

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     The Fundamental Mind of Supreme Enlightenment (Daegak)
     The Way to Investigate the Hwadu
  Hangmyoung Gyejong ( 1867 ~ 1929 )
     Regulations of the Naejang Seon Hall
  Mangong Wolmyeon ( 1871 ~ 1946 )
     Leader of the Fifteen Month Silence at Gakhwa Temple, Gou Sunim
  Hanam Jungwon ( 1876 ~ 1951 )
     Questions about Seon
  Myori Beophui ( 1887 ~ 1975 )

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