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A Preach for Mother  

One day, Gyeongheo gathered people to preach for the sake of his mother and told his student to fetch her. His mother was very glad, so she dressed herself with new clothes and paid her respects to him, and took a seat. Thereupon, Gyeongheo took off his own clothes piece by piece until he became all naked. He said, "Mother, please look at me." His mother waiting for a great preach was very surprised, got angry and said, "How can you preach like this ? How outrageous !" She returned to her room right away and locked the door of her room. Then, he smiled bitterly and said, "How can she be my mother ? When I was a child, she took off my clothes, washed my body, hugged and kissed me. Why can't she do that now ? How pitiful are those worldly customs !" His students had to beg her parden saying that it had been a great and special preach.

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