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Venerable Master Seong-Cheol's Dharma Talks  

  • Toeong Seongcheol
  • Broadly Cultivated Offerings 
  • On Meditation
  • The Word of the Spirit 
  • Eaith is Your Holy Land
  • The One Vehicle and Expedients
  • "No Mind" is Buddha
  • The Three Jewels
  • Respect All as Buddha
  • Questions from Followers
  • Take a good look at yourself
  • The Middle Way is Buddha 
  • Words of Blessings - Since there is this, there is that
  • Noble Buddha
  • Happy Birthday
  • Searchang for Water in water

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      Seon Master Songdam
      The etymology of Kongan : Seo-ong
         Chan Buddhism and the Philosophies of Laozi () and Zhuangzi ()
         The wooden ox walks in fire
         An Authentic Person of No Status
      The Way of Eternal Liberation : Cheonghwa
         The Dharma Words on Peace of Mind
         Reciting the Buddha's Name and Seon Meditation
      Venerable Master Seong-Cheol's Dharma Talks
      The Way to Contemplate a Hwadu : Jeongang

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