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Dharma Talks : The Kwan Um School of Zen and Providence Zen Center

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Transmission Speech  

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]


If you want it, go get it.

If you don퉡 want it, it will get you.

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

Return to the place of not wanting, not getting.

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

Getting is only getting,

Wanting is only wanting.

That퉠 all a big mistake.

What can you do?


It's nice to be here together with you.

Thank you Dae Soen Sa Nim for your teaching, thank you sangha for your support, and thank you to my family for your patience. Many years ago, I arrived at the Zen Center to only practice with my friends, my dharma brothers and sisters. Somehow during this process an unusual thing happens to us. When we start practicing, there's a "me" and a "you." However, as we continue to practice, we are naturally transformed into an "us." That's the most important point of our teaching.

In Buddhism, we talk about four important things. First, getting a human body... most of us have that. Second is hearing about the dharma. Next is finding a keen-eyed teacher, which we have in Zen Master Seung Sahn. Finally, attaining the same realization as the Buddha. That's our practice. All of us here -- without even knowing it -- have already completed three-quarters of this project. So now, our only job is to continue on the path.

Recently, Dae Kwang Sunim mentioned to me that Zen Master Ma Tzu had over one hundred and thirty dharma heirs, and that Zen Master Man Gong, our great grandteacher, gave inka to over fifty people. When they were alive, there weren't six billion human beings on the planet, but they still recognized that many worthy successors. Remember, all of us have an obligation to this world; that's the central point of our teaching. This obligation means, attain these four things and save all beings from suffering. Everyone is capable of doing this. Why not?

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

Hurry up, time won퉡 wait.

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

No time, no waiting.

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

Which one do you like?


Wake up! This talk is over.

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