Gye Mun Sunim, JDPS  

Gye Mun Sunim, JDPS, is the abbot of Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Meditation Centre in Singapore and the Pengerang International Zen Centre. He shuttles between Singapore and Malaysia teaching Zen meditation and leading retreats. In 1971, Gye Mun Sunim took the Buddhist refuge under Ven. Hong Choon. He practiced under the guidance of his teacher Ven. Zhu Mo for five years and was ordained as a monk by him in 1985. Since then, he had traveled to Penang, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and India to have in-depth studies in Buddhism. In 1988, he started practicing Zen meditation and did a three-year retreat at Songkwang-sa monastery in Korea. Later he met Zen Master Seung Sahn and began practicing under his guidance and teaching. In 1991, Gye Mun Sunim started the Kwan Yin Chan Lin at Pulau Ubin in Singapore. On November 8, 1998, he received inka and the authority to teach Zen as a Ji Do Poep Sa from Zen Master Seung Sahn. In 2000, he started the Kwan Yin Chan Lin Pengerang International Zen Centre in Johore, Malaysia.

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