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Dharma Talks : The Kwan Um School of Zen and Providence Zen Center

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Inka Dharma Combat  

On April 7, 2001 Myo Ji Sunim received inka in a ceremony at Providence Zen Center with Zen Master Soeng Hyang presiding.

Q: We just finished a 90-day Kyol Che up at the monastery. The other day I was looking up at the altar and I saw something very strange. I noticed that the statue on the altar is Kwan Seum Bosal. But then I looked up and I saw that the painting behind Kwan Seum Bosal also has Kwan Seum Bosal in it. And the Kwan Seum Bosal in the painting is bowing. So, what I don¡¯t understand is, how can Kwan Seum Bosal be bowing to Kwan Seum Bosal?
Myo Ji Sunim: You already understand.
Q:So, I ask you.
MJSN: [Bows¡¦ pause] Is that not enough?
Q: Thank you. Kwan Seum Bosal.

Q: I grew up in Queens. So, I ask you, Queens and Manhattan, are they the same or different?
MJSN: You already understand.
Q: But I ask you.
MJSN: In Queens the sky is blue, in Manhattan the sky is also blue.

Q: If there wasn¡¯t Buddhism, what religion would you practice?
MJSN: You already understand.
Q: No, I¡¯m asking you.
MJSN: The floor is yellow.
Q: Thank you for your teaching. Good religion.

Q: We have known each other a long time. But still I don¡¯t know one thing. In Korea there is a huge painting, bigger than here, and there¡¯s many bodhisattvas and Buddhas. I want to know which one is you?
MJSN: You ask me a question and I answer you.
Q: Thank you for your teaching.

Q: Last time you came to Germany, Arne and I were there and we translated for you from German to English, and your English to German. But next time, maybe Arne and I will not be there, and no one will be there to translate for you. How will you teach the truth then?
MJSN: You already understand.
Q: A little bit more.
MJSN: Danke.
Q: Danke.

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