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Dharma Talks : The Kwan Um School of Zen and Providence Zen Center

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Inka Speech  

(Holding up the Zen stick in the air, then hitting the floor.)

"This" is just like this.

(Holding up the Zen stick in the air, then resting it on the floor.)

"This" is just like this.

If you understand "this" then you understand the rivers, the mountains, the trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, all sentient beings, all come from "this.''

You must understand that Rinzai's KATZ, Ku Ji's one finger, Jo Ju's Mu, Ma Jo's "no mind, no Buddha," Dong Sahn's "three pounds of flax," Un Mun's "Dry shit on a stick," Pai Chang's five hundred generation fox, Duk Sahn's carrying his bowl and last word, Hok Am's "Bodhidharma has no beard," Nam Cheon's killing the cat, Hyang Eom's "up a tree, hanging by your teeth,'' Kyong Ho's cow with no nostrils, Mang Gong's "ten thousand Dharmas return to one; where does the one return?" Ko Bong's "the mouse eats cat food, but the cat bowl is broken," Seung Sahn's "dropping ashes on the Buddha," all return to "this.''

Maybe someone will appear and say, "I understand 'this.'" This stick will hit this person thirty times.

Maybe someone will appear and say, "I don't understand 'this.''' This stick will hit the person thirty times.

Because "this" is not dependent on understanding or not understanding.

But if you want to attain "this," your head must become a mass of iron with no holes. How can your head become like iron? You must crush your eyes, your ears, your nose, your tongue, your body, your mind, and pour melted iron into your head.

Then what?


The elephant is afraid of the mouse; the mouse is afraid of the cat; the cat is afraid of the lion; the lion is afraid of the elephant. (Making circles with her finger,) Around, around, around.

(Students then came forward and asked questions.)

The Mahaparanirvana Sutra says, "All formations are impermanent. That is the law of appearing and disappearing. If both appearing and disappearing disappear, this stillness is bliss." But this world is full of suffering and problems. How can you become still, and attain this bliss? How can you save the countless millions of beings?


(Holding up the Zen stick in the air, then hitting the floor. Holding up the Zen stick, then resting it on the floor.)

Hit the floor, sound. Don't hit the floor, no sound.

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