Zen Master Ji Bong  


Zen Master Ji Bong (Robert Moore) (Robert Moore), a student of Zen since 1969 and a founder of our New Haven Zen Center, was given inka in 1985 and transmission in 1997. In 1979 he moved to Los Angeles to be a professor of Music Composition and Theory at the University of Southern California. Since then he has been actively practicing and teaching Zen along the entire West Coast, where he is the guiding teacher at Dharma Sound Zen Center (Seattle), Great Brightness Zen Center (Las Vegas), Dharma Kai Zen Center (Whittier, Ca.) and Ocean Eyes Zen Center (Long Beach). Soen Sa Nim has a long-standing interest in the martial arts, and teaches a variety of internal martial arts and chi kung in conjunction with Zen practice. He has three children and currently lives with his wife in Long Beach, California.

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