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Dharma Talks : The Kwan Um School of Zen and Providence Zen Center

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YMJJ Dialogue - January '74  

During the January Yong Maeng Jon Jin, Seung Sahn Soen-sa went for a walk with some of his students. It had been snowing the day before. Soen-sa asked one student, "What color is this snow?''

The student said, "White."

Soen-sa said, ''You have an attachment to color."

The student clapped his hands.

Soen-sa said, "Your head is a dragon, but your tail is a snake.''

He then asked another student, "What color is this snow?''

The student said, "You already understand.''

Soen-sa said, "I don't know.''

The student said, "It's white."

Soen-sa said, "Is this the truth?''

The student said, "Aren't you hungry?''

Soen-sa said, "Soon it will be time for lunch.''

Another student said, ''Go drink some tea.''

Soen-sa said, "I've already had some."

The student hit Soen-sa. Soen-sa said, "Aie! Aie!"

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