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Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies  

1.The Lion's Roar in Early Buddhism / Anālayo
2."That the Powers of the Buddha Are Common to Disciples..." / Bart Dessein
3.Master Xuyuns Experiences of Long-dwelling in Samādhi / Huimin Bhikṣu
4.Chan Master Xuedou and His Remarks on Old Cases / Yi-hsun Huang
5. Comparing East Asian and Southeast Asian Buddhism / John McRae
6. Bodies and Ethics in Indian Buddhism / John Powers
7. Huisi's Interpretation and Practice of Si Nianchu / Ching-wei Wang
8. Reflections on Comparative Āgama Studies / Anālayo
9. The Two Versions of the Other Translation of Saṃyuktāgama / Roderick S. Bucknell
10. Duplicitous Thieves: Ouyi Zhixus Criticism of Jesuit Missionaries . in Late Imperial China / Beverley Foulks
11. Taixus Youth and Years of Romantic Idealism, 1890–1914 / Eric Goodell
12. The Textual Formation of the Newly Discovered Anban Shouyi Jing / Shi Guo Huei
13. Yijings View on the Bhikṣunīs Standard Robes / Ann Heirman
14. Jungs Warnings Against Inflation / Jeffrey Hopkins
15. Was Lushan Huiyuan a Pure Land Buddhist? Evidence from His Correspondence with Kumārajīva About Nianfo Practice / Charles B. Jones
16. The Tibetan Buddhist Syllogistic Form / Daniel Perdue
17. 顢ӡҷ롵
A Comparative Study of the Ānāpānasati Text Clusters in Pāli and Chinese
18. 窣ݩ
A Study of Buddhist Stupa Architectural Styles Based on Carvings of the Bharhut Stupa
The Translation of the Sutra of Impermanence as Told by the Buddha and its Relation to Funeral Rituals
20. ——ս
Formation of the Buddha-nature Teaching in China Buddha-nature Theories of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries
21. κܡҷڦ教ܨ
Ānāpāna-smti in Tiantai Meditation and its Development and Transformation in Tiantai Buddhism
22.  κ——줡ܡء為
The Tiantai Theory of Sympathetic Resonance and Guanyin: The "Profundity in Sympathetic Resonance" Chapter of the Fahua xuanyi
23. 教ܩڰ
A Discussion of Huayan Doctrinal Classification
24. 清ҷ——為
On the Synthesis of Huayan Thought and Pure Land Practice by Early Qing Dynasty Buddhist Scholars
25. Գ󢡷——Գ󢡷֪ͧ研ϼ
Research Series on the Dasheng Yaodao Miji: The Dasheng Yaodao Miji and Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism under the Xixia and Yuan
26. ۡؽ教ۡμ研ϼ
A Study of the Development of Chongqing Temple in Tainan and its Relationship to the Development of Tibetan Buddhism in Southern Taiwan
27. Conference Paper (English) The Relationship of Buddhist Studies and Area Studies: New Perspectives from Humanities Computing
28.Conference Paper (English) The Theravāda Tradition and Modern Pāli Scholarship: A Case of Lost Manuscripts Mentioned in Old Pāli Bibliographical Sources
29. Conference Paper (English) Transmission and Enlightenment in Chan Buddhism Seen Through the Platform Sūtra (Liuzu tanjing ׿Ӧ)
30. Conference Paper (English) Entrance Through the Scriptures: Catalogues and Electronic Text as a New Gate to the Buddhist Tradition
31. 教Ѻҷ󢡷
PrefacePreface to the Commemorative Volume in Honor of Professor Yang Yuwen's Seventieth Birthday
LectureNon-discrimination and the Two Truths
33. ܬܬܬܬܬܬܬ
Discrimination and Non-discrimination: Non-discriminationdiscriminationdiscriminationnon-discrimination, non-discrimination
34. μ𹦡衷
Two Issues with regard to the Chan Ox-herding Pictures: Beginning with the "Ox-herding" Chapter in the Āgamas
35. 研ϼ줡研ϼ為
Āgama Research in the Information Age: The Digitization of the Āgama Dictionary
36. ڱЦȡѢ教ͷϰ  
A Discussion of the Present Situation and Future Prospects of Pāli Digital Resources: With some Remarks on the "Multilingual Parallel Corpus of Early Buddhist Texts"
37. Ѣ教教ԳʭϰЦݻ满衷ݻʯ為  
A Stereotyped Structure of the Path in Early Buddhist Literature: A Comparative Study of the Four Pāli Nikāyas and Four Chinese Āgamas
38. 教̸ѽ教Ѣ教教
Buddhism's Encounter with Jainism: Religious Competition and Hermeneutic Effect
39. ͵ߣꭡ˧錍⡷ߣ妡߲
Gushan Zhiyuan's Off-Mountain Position in his Jin'gang pi xianxing lu: Rūpa does not Contain the Three Thousand
40. ͵ߣۦ教Գμ
Zhiyuan and His Times: The Relationship Between Buddhism and Benevolent Government in the Song
41. κ
A Discussion of the Five Types of Calming Meditation in Tiantai Buddhism
42. μCandrakīrti𹣨߾
Several Issues regarding Candrakīrti's Theory of Two Truths (Part I)
The Mind and Mental Concomitants in Buddhism and Modern Psychology
44. ˪Ү̫׵㦡ͺ為
A Study of the Artistic Styles in the Yungang Grottoes and their Subject Matter: Biographies of the Buddha, Jātaka Tales, and Nidāna Tales
A Preliminary Study of Sculptural Art relating to Sichuan Esoteric Buddhism
46. EnglishA Tree in the West: Competing Tathāgatagarbha Theories in Tibet
47. Ѣκʫ壭清ܩ為
Theories of the Buddha Body Held by Middle Period Mādhyamikā Thinkers: Candrakīrti and Bhāviveka
48. Ѣμ𹣭ܨ
Two Controversial Topics in the Buddha-nature Debates of Early Tang: "Two Vehicles of Determinate Lineage" and "Existence qua Transformation"
49. ߣ13310׵教Ү
Pictorial Origins and Religious Content of Maiji Shan Carved Tablet No. 10, Cave 133
50.󢡷研ϼߢ。 ⡷
A Study of the Fourteenth Facicle of the Chuandeng yuying ji
51. 清ؽ教ʡѢ
Traditional Buddhist Monasteries in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty and their Transformation under Japanese Colonialism
52.A Controversy Unveiled: How Many Sūtra Passages Are Indicated as Requiring Interpretation in Candrakīrti's Madhyamakavatārabhāsya? 
53. Perception, Conceptual Construction and Yogic Cognition According to Kamalaśīla's Epistemology 
54. Techniques for Collating Multiple Text Versions in the Digitization of Classical Texts: The CBETA Taishō Buddhist Canon as an Example
55. 奘߲滪衻Ȫ
The Heart Sūtra as Translated by Kumārajīva and Hsüan-tsang and its Cultural Influences
56. 為教ԡ教
Buddhadharma for People and Human-oriented Buddhism: A Discussionof the Original Concerns of Ven. Yinshun's "Humanistic Buddhism"
57. ݻ教壨I߲
Ven. Yinshun's Theory of Sectarian Buddhist Thought (I): Existence in the Three Periods and Existence in the Present
58. 裮壮¡教⣣為¡ ֣
Meditative Practices of the 15th Assembly of the Prajñāpāramitā-Sūtras
The Annotation of a Phonetic Transcription Manuscript of the Heart Sūtra from Dunhuang
60. ݣ893-978教
The Kings of Wuyue (893-978) and Buddhism
61. ڦ
A Study of the Origins of the Four Gate Pagoda of Shentong Monastery
62. 塸ګػϰ教ͧ
A Discussion of the Tiantai Doctrinal Classification System as Constructed by the "Five Flavors: Mutual Achievement of the Partial and Complete"
63. ȡؽ教ͣ
Taiwan Buddhism: Taixu and Yuanying
64. In-laws of the Buddha as Depicted in Pāli Sources

65. Expressing the Fallacy from the Viewpoint of a Pervader: Nāgārjuna and the Putative Consequences of Svabhāva
κ۰ ף
66. Ϭ쪿仏教教伝ӹ
Culture-Free Transmission of Buddhistic Spirituality: Global-Era Transformations from Southeast and East Asia
67. Ѣ教䲡
The Theory of Self in Early Buddhism
68. 教κ줡衷為
The Buddhist Concepts of Marriage: Based on the Perspective of the Āgama Sūtras
69. ٥
An Explanation of the Principles used in Compiling the Āgama Dictionary 
70. 獦獠 ߣ ⡶׿Ӧ衷劄
The "Geliao Becomes a Buddha" Gongan and the Southward Spread of the Dongshan Lineage: Notes on the Dunhuang Version of the Platform Sūtra 
70. 教Ҵ
Monk-Patriot Shi Xizhong and his Buddhist Chronicle Shishi Zijian
An Inquiry into Master Xuyun's Experience of Staying in Meditative Absorption for Extended Periods of Time
72. ؽ教ͣ教
A Further Look at Buddhist  Education in Taiwan during the Period of Japanese Rule
73. Ѣ教ۡ
Gisei Higashiumi and the Development of Buddhism in Gaoxiong during the Period of Japanese Rule
The Sinification of Buddhist Causation Theory
A Critical Study of Zongmi's Use of the Yijing in the Explanation of Buddhism
76. ؽ룭
Controversies and Responses regarding Tathāgatagarbha Thought in Contemporary Taiwan: A Critical Evalutation of Controversies regarding Tathāgatagarbha Studies after Yinshun
77. ٥畫߲畫為
Old Buddhist Scroll Paintings at Zhaiming Temple: The Case of the 'Three Buddhas'
78. κ塷˵研ϼ
An Annotated Translation of Eight Topics and their Seventy Subtopics: An Outline of the Abhisamayālamkāra
79. 教 
Miscellaneous Notes on Buddhism among the Türk
80. 教研ϼ
A Preliminary Study of Shōkū's Pure Land Teachings
81. 教Ѻκҷح
Buddhism in the 21st Century: Its Social Function and View of Practice
82. ¡研ϼ
Translating and Research on Vinitadeva's Commentary (Tibetan Version) of Vasubandhu's Treatise in Twenty Verses on Mind-only
83. 研ϼ
The Two Meanings of "Fundamental Transformation"
84. 𢡶ݫٽܨ研ϼ
A Re-study of the Stone Carving of Parental Love at Paoding, Dazu
85. ˲教研ϼ概
A General Report on Archeological Research of Buddhist Sites in Xinjiang
86. ҳκ棭߱ܬ
A Survey on Why the Chinese Females Taking Refugee in Avalokiteśvarā – and on the "Sex" of this Buddhist Bodhisattva
87. 򥡢
Jing –Ying Huiyuan's Life, Works and His Xian-sh School
Chan Master Fenyang Shanzhao
89. Ѣؽ教̣ؽ教ة졹研ϼ
A Pioneer of the New Buddhist Movement in Taiwan During the Period of Japanese Occupation – Lin Te-lin: the "Martin Luther of Taiwanese Buddhism"
90. κκ
The Practice and Realization of the Perfect and Sudden Calming and Contemplation in Tiantai Buddhism: In Relation to the Ten Vehicles of Contemplation
Huaigan's Exposition of the Pure land Teaching of Rebirth
92. 塷Φࡴͣ
The Transmission of the Shes-bya Rab-tu-gsal by vPhags-pa and Its Supplementations
93. 顶κ鬘¡教
An Explanation of the "Advice on Practice and theTruths" in Tsongkhapa's Golden Rosary, Extensive Explanation of the Ornament for Cear Realization
Individual, History and Religion: Shi Yinshun's "Humanistic Buddhism"
95. 教٤κ줡ѡ模ࡹ為
Buddhist Bioethics: The Case of Human Cloning and Embryo Stem Cell Research
96. ʯӹؤԳ
Gotama becomes the Buddha: A Study in Nikāya Traditions
97. Chih-i's System of Sign Interpretation


An Analysis of the Terminology and Style of the Texin jing

Prajñapti in the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtras: A Comparison between the "Sarvākārajñātā-caryā Parivarta" in the Asta and the "Subhūti Parivarta" in the Pañca
3. 茲教ؤ
The Buddhism of Kucha and Central Asia: From the Han to the Period of Kumārajīva

4. ުȣ為Үμ妡κܩڰ
The Law of Non-identity as an Ontology of Internal Relations: A Discussion of the Madhyamaka School's Theory of Empty Nature

5. 奘教
Xuanzang's Views on Buddhist Art

6. 教κ塸眾⡹¦為
A Discussion of the Concept and Practice of "Repentance on Behalf of Sentient Beings" from a Tiantai Perspective: The Case of Zunshi

7. ȣ򤡷ܬ󢡢
A Study of the Buddhist Catalogs in the Song History's "Yiwenzhi"

8. ٥
A Survey of Zhongfeng Mingben's Chan Thought and Practice

9. 鶻ͺ研ϼMainz 131T II Y 37為
A Study of a Uighur Version of the Buddha's Biography: Turpan Manuscript Mainz 131 (T II Y 37)

10. On the Question of Animosity of the Brāhmanas and Persecution by Brāhmanical Kings Leading to the Decline of Buddhism in India

11. Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara in the Gandavyūhasūtra

12. 教迴ద줡衷教模迴ܪ為
A Discourse Analysis of Rebirth in Buddhism: An Investigation by means of the Debate between the Buddhist and the Sceptic in the Pāyāsi

13. 塷ު教嗎μڡ塷ު教教
Is the Awakening of Faith "Non-Buddhist"? Some Doctrinal Reflections of the Theory

14. 為麼研ϼͪͱУ為Ѻҷ1590Ҵ研ح
What More can We Do for Master Faxian?

15. ߾
Restoring Master Faxian's Status in Chinese History

16. Գʡ󢡷ҷڦ
The Practice of Nianfo in Daochuo's Anle ji

17. 顗ܡҷ
A Discussion of Zhiyi's "Mind of One Moment"

18. ȡ䨡
A Discussion of the Meaning of the "Ten Pācittiyas of the Bhikkhu Vinaya" and their Application to the Role of "Pure Persons" in the Modern Context

19. к畫顸Ӥںٽ
ReportAn Investigation into the "Single" Brāhmī letters in the Bezeklik Cave Frescoes

20. 霊応図伝󢡻関
A Study of the Tendai reiōzu honden shū


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