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Until the day when eternally inexhaustible suffering turns into the circle of light  

New Year¡¯ Message by His Excellency, Venerable Beobjeon, Supreme Patriarch of the Jokye Order of Korean Buddhism

¡°Until the day when eternally inexhaustible suffering turns into the circle of light¡±

Today, the light from time immemorial magnificently illuminates the first morning of the Year of the Rabbit in each household bursting open the gate to immeasurable joy that transcends life and death.

The heaven constellates the elements of the universe so as to grant the world a tender and compassionate energy. All creations, immersed in bliss, open their eyes to the heavenly rapture.  

Mountains, rivers and fields spin the flower garland of Dharma out of their innate beauty. Every blade of the grass and each branch of the tree shines and hums with shades and notes of Enlightenment.

Everyone in his heart houses clear Dharma and crystalline blue sky. Everyone is born already knowing how to reveal it and live it in this samsara. Those who went too far will check themselves to achieve balance; those who are stuck will brave obscurations and advance only forward on the path to enlightenment.    

Those who are obsessed can free themselves by emptying their minds,

Those who are possessed by greed can be liberated by putting it down.

Those who know how to use today¡¯s sufferings as the source of compassion tomorrow,  

Will see the day when eternally inexhaustible delusions turns into the circle of light.

Let go, and the sun and the moon in your heart will shine.  

Embrace and look after your neighbors, and may all the sentient beings live in peace.

January 1, 2011

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